Curel Toning Lotion

No. 1 toner refreshing type, used in spring and summer, suitable for oily skin, use moisturizing and..

円1,150 Ex Tax: 円1,150

Decorte Toning Lotion

The triple effect of the leading liquid before purification, soothes the skin, moisturizes the skin ..

円4,284 Ex Tax: 円4,284

Dr.Ci.Labo Toning Lotion

Emulsified keratin floats out of pores, effectively converges pores, clears and hydrates and protect..

円1,050 Ex Tax: 円1,050

ELIXIR Toning Lotion

No. 1 Refreshing Type is suitable for oily skin, oily skin, moisturized and densely dissolved in the..

円2,310 Ex Tax: 円2,310

ELIXIR Toning Lotion

No. 2 moisturizing type, suitable for normal and dry skin, smooth and thick on the skin, moderately ..

円2,310 Ex Tax: 円2,310

HABA Toning Lotion

Haba no added skin care products, Haba G lotion is free of any harmful substances to the skin, does ..

円2,028 Ex Tax: 円2,028

IPSA Toning Lotion

Refreshing and non-greasy, moisturizing and refreshing skin, refreshing and moisturizing, mild textu..

円4,202 Ex Tax: 円4,202

SKII Toning Lotion

Contains more than 90% of pitera, the skin becomes more and more translucent and translucent. It enh..

円14,604 Ex Tax: 円14,604

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