Fueki Little Yellow Duck Cream

Fueki Little Yellow Duck Cream

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Four seasons universal model, moisturizing and moisturizing away from apple muscles, soothing itching, moisturizing and nourishing skin, preventing white skin, protecting baby's delicate skin at all times, baby's skin is delicate, easy to be affected by the outside world, there are various skin problems, sensitive redness and dryness Peeling, wet and itchy red dot baby skin problems have always troubled the treasure mothers to choose Fueki from Japan, and the century-old enterprise has been adhering to the quality requirements of safety, peace of mind and no additives. One drop of horse oil and one spa treatment, horse oil has a good moisturizing and repairing ability, strong permeability and skin-friendly to keep the skin moisturized, Fueki cream does not add spices, pigments, alcohol paste for gentle body, baby, pregnant women, lactation Can be used

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